24 Expert SEO Tips & Advice To Boost Your Traffic In 2019

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A "car" tag would make your hub searchable whenever somebody looks for "car" on HubPages. This makes sure a website looks good on all devices and reduces the bounce rate. It also looks great on mobile, which is important for google analytics seo’s mobile-first indexing. google seo starter guide’s Trends Analyst John Mueller mentioned: "If you want to go responsive, better do it before the mobile-first launch". However, you’re probably better off using a dedicated WordPress SEO plugin for this instead. Then, consider upgrading to Astra Pro for more styling options, tons of new layouts, better typography, and lots of other helpful features. It’s also mobile-friendly by default, and the Divi Builder gives you lots of options for responsive design. It’s also responsive and includes an optimized heading structure. Hestia is optimized for speed, it has the right heading structure out of the box, and the developer includes knowledge base instructions showing you how to add breadcrumbs. It automatically adds basic schema markup, gives you control over the heading structure, and lets you add breadcrumbs with the check of a box. Instead, you’ll use a Genesis child theme to control your site’s style, which can get a little pricey

To help publishers do their job with ease, and thus speed up their indexing, they have to list the image location in the image sitemap. Update your news sitemap continually with fresh articles as they’re published. Images play a vital role for news organizations. Apart from breaking the monotony of the pages and providing editors with a tool to enrich the narrative of the stories they publish, images bring additional weight to the content and highlight certain points that need to be remembered. When I’m setting up a new website, I usually look for plugins that add visually appealing social sharing buttons for all of the major social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) on my pages. I also check if readers are able to add their comments next to the link before it gets shared on their page. 1.Their images are named descriptively and in plain language. It’s in the publisher’s best interest to be the one who will choose which images will accompany the links

Penguin update hit a lot of sites and in fact some have gone under, it is good to hear your site is up again and certainly we are more wiser on Penguin update now than before. Why just stick to just an optimised site when you could go well above and beyond that? On the other hand, there is very little need for support as everything is so well explained and available. One important thing you need to consider is that, you are doing this as an extra curricular activity of your child. Because it is one of those niche where you play and earn

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