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Saudi Aramco Offers Some Details on Coming Stock Offering. Aramco, the worlds largest oil company, said it would set a final price for its shares on Dec. 5. 99 Problems but My ABCs Aint One Jay-Z Sues Over Childrens Book. The Little Homie, a small Australian online retailer, says it is celebrating hip-hop. Jay-Z, who has spoken out about black identity and equality, says it is engaging in theft. Best mortgage rates Compare fixed rate and tracker rate mortgage deals. While the average five-year fix currently sits at2.60 per cent, those with bigger deposits now have access to several five-year fixes below 1.50 per cent for singles party the first time in years. A Good Problem for Stephen F. Austin Distributing $137,000 in Charity. A pastor from the Bahamas and a mid-major university must deal with the ramifications of a surprise windfall. Time for fungus? Indonesian watchmaker turns to mushroom leather. A watchmaker in Indonesia's Bandung city thinks the next step in sustainability is a wristwatch with a strap made out of the complex root structure of a mushroom. Backlash against Marie Kondo-style minimalism has sharing women sharing snaps of their messy rooms. While millions love Kondo for teaching them about the 'life changing magic of tidying up', dozens of defiant women have started to publicly oppose the Japanese guru's order to cut out the clutter. 5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future. Here39

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