How Spices Have Made,

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How Spices Have Made, and Unmade, Empires. From turmeric in Nicaragua to cardamom in Guatemala, nonnative ingredients are redefining trade routes and making unexpected connections across lands. Your Thanksgiving May Be Classic, but Your Leftovers Dont Have to Be. There are no rules to making turkey sandwiches Pack them with bright flavors, and salty pickles. Stabbings in The Hague Manhunt underway after suspect injures 3. A manhunt Is Yahoo a browser or search engine What teams did Jerome Bettis play for underway after a suspect stabbed three people in The Hague, Netherlands. The attacks occurred just hours after the London Bridge stabbings and a motive remains unclear. NBCs Erin McLaughlin reports for Weekend TODAY. Mother of teen left with a ruined lung from vaping slams the FDA for failing to regulate the devices. Walker McKnight, 20, from Orlando, Florida, is currently on dialysis and oxygen after his four-month vaping destroyed both of his kidneys and his left lung and will need transplants in the future. Judy review Rene Zellweger deserves all the garlands for her masterful performance. Bridget Jones's Baby apart, Rene Zellweger has been missing from British cinema screens for nearly a decade, the handful of films she has made apparently not meriting a release here. How Rylan Clark-Neal stopped trying to please everyone. 'They think I'm a gay box-tick but I couldn't care less.' He leans forward and says 'I know the real reason. It's because I'm always easy, I'm always prepared and I don't cost much'. Salisbury Cathedral is illuminated by candlelight to mark the start of advent. Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire was transformed into a sea of light as the historic church was illuminated by nearly 1,400 candles for a magical service marking the start of advent, last night. When Department Stores Were Theater. Barneys is closing. Nordstrom is streamlining. And the hometown holiday window may be entering its final act. We speak to successful business owners over 50 - Who did Jimmy Graham get traded to Who is number 97 on the Dallas Cowboys prove you're never too old to start a venture. Instead of taking it easy, a growing number of over-50s are now delaying retirement by starting their own firm, fuelling a 'grey business' boom, including Jean Rasbridge, 67, pictured. Islanders Set Franchise Record With 16-Game Point Streak. The Islanders have not lost in regulation since Oct. 11, improving to 15-0-1 during the streak with a win Thursday night against the Penguins. The Age of Gold and Daguerreotypes. A collection of images showcases the intensity of the Gold Rush in the 19th century, around the same time the daguerreotype enjoyed a similar surge in popularity. Some of the images evoke a certain Brooklyn demographic. 30 of Vietnam's most beautiful places. Thanks in part to its serpentine shape and lengthy coastline, Vietnam Is Chicago humid in the summer What is a GREY alert home to wildly diverse landscapes. Love your clothes and pass them on, says Vogue supremo Wintour. Clothes should be cherished, re-worn and even passed on to the next generation, Anna Wintour, the influential editor of Vogue magazine said, calling for more sustainability in the fashion world and less of a throwaway culture. Are sports clubs becoming greener? The This is Moneyball podcast. Broadcaster Georgie Frost and assistant editor Lee Boyce talk about

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