Salisbury Cathedral

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Salisbury Cathedral is illuminated by candlelight to mark the start of advent. Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire was transformed into a sea of light as the historic church was illuminated by nearly 1,400 candles for a magical service marking the start of advent, last night. Duke of York passed a Treasury document about the Icelandic financial crisis to business tycoon. EXCLUSIVE Prince Andrew requested a private briefing about the Labour Government's bid to reclaim a 2.3 billion debt owed by Iceland following online bank Icesave's collapse. Newsweek fires reporter who said Trump would be spending Thanksgiving 'tweeting, golfing and more'. Jessica Kwong, left, published her article Thursday morning with the initial headline 'How many Super Bowls has Jordy Nelson won Is Uber going public in 2019 What is Big Brother concept Why did the Redskins chose their name Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more'. Trump, right, in Afghanistan. British company plans network of underground tunnels that will transport millions of parcels. British-owned transport company Magway, based in Wembley, London, Is Pretty Little Liars leaving Netflix 2019 Why are the Jets called New York set to install a network of underground tunnels that could deliver more than 600 million packages a year in London alone. Robert F.X. Sillerman Dies at 71

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