Vicious 'bulldog' horrifically mauls ten-year-old

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Vicious 'bulldog' horrifically mauls ten-year-old boy to death at Cornwall holiday park. Emergency services descended on Tencreek Holiday Park in Looe, Cornwall, just before 5am when they were alerted to reports of an 'unresponsive' child. Four teens rush into a burning home, saving the life of a 90-year-old neighbor. Four Oklahoma teens had planned to spend the evening hanging out together. They had no idea that by the time the night would end, they would be running into a burning house to save the life of a 90-year-old neighbor. 11 of Our Best Weekend Reads. De Niro and Pacino. Alyssa Milano. Flea. Taste-testing plant-based burgers. The sunless world of immigrants in Queens. And more. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Spectacular sculptures spring up in China. The 28th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which opened on Christmas Day, features work by some of the country's best ice sculptors and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. MARKET REPORT Investors in peer-to-peer lender Funding Circle breath sigh of relief. Its loans under management reached a record 3.7 billion in the past three months, up by almost a third on the same period last year. U.S. to Deploy Hundreds of Troops to Guard Oil Fields in Syria, Pentagon Officials Say. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper said the American strategy remains unchanged, although President Trump has said American forces are withdrawing,. Two thumbs up - or is it four? Odd lemur has evolved extra 'finger'. For a strange little lemur native to Madagascar that boasts one of the most unusual hands in the animal kingdom, a "high five" What city is known as the Bluff City Who owned Palestine before Israel more like a "trick six.". Half a million students who may have missed getting MMR jab targeted by NHS campaign. Current freshers are part of the generation whose parents shunned the vaccine in a mass health scare triggered by the now discredited Andrew Wakefield. The Just Eat bidding battle is a bonanza for shareholders but presents a tricky choice. Just Eat shareholders knew exactly where they stood and were likely to have been pretty happy with it until Tuesday morning.

Even in Strong Economy, Most Families Dont Have Enough Emergency Savings. A new report recommends setting aside six weeks of take-home pay to ride out gyrations in income and expenses. But two-thirds of families dont have that buffer. ISIS seizes control of prison camp in Syria after Turkish invasion. The Kurdish forces who were guarding the al-Hol camp (pictured) have been distracted by the Turkish offensive and hundreds of guards have been pulled away. Brother of Sandy Hook victim calls out Joe Biden for 'factual inaccuracy'. JT Lewis, whose six-year-old brother Jesse was one of the 26 people killed in the Connecticut mass shooting, eviscerated the 2020 hopeful for making the claim in a new video released earlier this week. Anjem Choudary's bodyguard who became an ISIS executioner is killed in Syria. Mohammed Reza Haque, known as the Jihadi Giant due to his 6ft 6in frame, fled the UK in 2014 and survived until the final days of the so-called IS 'caliphate' before he was killed in Syria. Barclays customers relieved after bosses make a U-turn on Post Office cash. The pressure on bosses had grown into a firestorm in the two weeks since the Mail launched our campaign against the 'petty, penny-pinching' decision designed to save 7million a year. Horrific moment crash sends SUV plowing into four schoolgirls waiting at an intersection in Kansas. Four children were injured and remain in hospital after an SUV crashed into them at a Kansas intersection. The vehicle appeared to collide with a car turning right in distressing footage. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium celebrates her 18th birthday at the Royal Palace in Brussels. Princess Elisabeth, heir to the Belgium throne, was joined by parents King Philippe, 59, and Queen Mathilde, 46, for the event at the opulent Royal Palace this morning. Hard left trade union backed by Corbyn is trying to get McDonald's workers to strike next month. The hard left Bakers Union, backed by Jeremy Corbyn, announced the 'Mcstrike' for November 12 with demands including pay of 15 per hour - 3.70 more than the starting salary of police. NBC to release former employees from NDAs so they can speak about alleged sexual harassment. The media conglomerate announced the news via Friday night's edition of The Rachel Maddow Show , which is broadcast on their network MSNBC.

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