How to SEO a WordPress Website?

asked 2019-10-11 01:11:42 -0600

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform out of the box. For best results though, you have to customise your WordPress website. Expert knowledge of the platform is essential to make the best use of its powerful SEO features. A professional website design Manchester agency can make your WordPress website SEO-friendly.

So how do you SEO your WordPress website? Here�s a brief guide.

Choose a Responsive Theme

With a responsive theme, your WordPress website will be displayed the same way across all devices, from standard desktops to smartphones and tablet PCs. So, the user experience is better across all devices.

A responsive design is important for SEO as search engines rank a responsive website better. Choose a premium WordPress theme for a flexible design or better yet hire a website design Manchester agency for a custom design.

Customise Permalinks

A permalink refers to the URL of a particular page or post on your website. By default, these URLs contain incomprehensible numbers and symbols. Permalink addresses can, however, be customised to include relevant keywords.

When done so, chances of them being more visible on search engines for associated keywords are high. SEO optimised URLs also tell visitors at first glance what they can expect from the page or post.

Install a Reliable SEO Plugin

Installing an SEO plugin from a reliable source makes it very easy to optimise your WordPress website. Plugins guide you on a range of SEO factors, including optimising the title tags, meta descriptions, visitor on-page behaviour, and more. A wide range of paid and free SEO plugins are available.

A professional website design Manchester company can recommend the best plugins for you. While premium plugins come for a price, the SEO results are often worth it

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