How working under tight deadlines could encourage you to indulge in pizza,

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How working under tight deadlines could encourage you to indulge in pizza, chocolate cake and sweets. Researchers in India found volunteers were more likely to crave calorific foods when they were doing a time-based task with a clock counting down from 60 seconds. Will Nadal pass Federer for grand slam wins? Rafael Nadal's 12th French Open title took him to just two grand slams behind Roger Federer's mark of 20. But who will end their career with more majors? Pret founder Julian Metcalfe is on a sushi roll as he plans global expansion of Itsu. The ambitious expansion strategy, led by millionaire founder Julian Metcalfe, should treble Itsu's sales - while other restaurants are struggling to survive. Drinking four cups of coffee per day 'could reduce weight gain from an unhealthy diet'. Scientists at the University of Illinois tested the effects of moderate doses of caffeine in rats on unhealthy diets for four weeks and found those being given the stimulant gained 16% less weight. Madonna parties in Maldives on New Year's Eve with 'no regrets'. The Vogue hitmaker, 61, chose to put her woes to one side for New Year's Eve, as she jovially welcomed 2020 with her children, and 25-year-old boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams, in the Maldives. After Another Year of Trump Attacks, Ominous Signs for the American Press. Threats of retribution, more accusations of fake news and the end of the White House briefing made 2019 the darkest yet for journalists in the Trump era. Earliest life on Earth may have evolved in phosphorus-rich lakes. Researchers from the University of Washington examined water taken from lakes rich in carbon including Lake Mono in California and Lonar Lake in India. Dusseldorf for under 100 a night! How to see the German city on cheap. Dusseldorf might not be the first spot in Germany you'd think of for a weekend break. But Will Hide says there's plenty to see and do - and eat and drink - in this city of 600,000 people. Miley Cyrus blows out candles on cake to celebrate 2020. She chose a low-key way to welcome in 2020, blowing number-shaped candles from two different cakes in a video she posted to Instagram on Tuesday. Dog lover saved her French bulldog's life by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre. Louise Davies leaped into action after Angus the French bulldog started making a retching noise, losing the colour in his face and leaning sideways as if losing consciousness at her home in Cheshire. Brassard Returns to New York, Helping the Islanders Rack Up Wins. The Isles have won 10 in a row, their longest streak in 37 years, and given stability to Derick Brassard, a former Rangers star who played for three teams last season. When U.S. Citizenship Starts Looking Like a Bad Deal. A potential wealth tax or higher levies on capital gains are just two reasons, beyond politics, that are raising thoughts of renunciation. Trump Bet He Could Isolate Iran and Charm North Korea. Its Not That Easy. The president assumed economic levers would guide the countries national interests. Now, he confronts twin challenges in an election year. He Can Have Any Job He Wants. Right Now, He Doesnt Want One. Massimiliano Allegri is one of soccers top free agents. But he says he will only coach again when he is ready, and only when the job is right. Its Called Plant-Based, Look It Up. Theres a difference between disavowing all animal byproducts and simply trying to eat less meat. U.S. promises action on any North Korea missile test White House. The United States would be very disappointed if North Korea tested a long-range or nuclear missile and would take appropriate action as a leading military and economic power, White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien said on Sunday. Democrats Love Free College, Until You Offer Them More Options. A new survey finds that Democrats havent fully embraced progressive policy proposals like free college and Medicare for all. NASA discovers Why is money called a monkey Is Starbucks a private company 'cotton candy' exoplanets are the size of Jupiter but have low density. Three 'cotton candy' exoplanets are the size of Jupiter but with a hundred times lighter mass - and NASA believes it is because they are still evolving. They are only 500 million years old. From His Dark Materials on TV to Christina Aguilera's tour and a Tutankhamun exhibition, 7 Events. Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy is finally brought to the small screen. Dafne Keen impresses as Lyra with James McAvoy and Ruth Wilson also on top form as Lord Asriel and Mrs Coulter. The paws behind the power History's top dogs. Ideal for intimidating political opponents, keeping you calm when on the brink of war and, of course, adding the charisma-boosting factor, too. Surprise Players Emerge Early in College Basketball. A group of early season tournaments has given some newcomers high-profile chances to showcase themselves for fans.

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