Fossil of lizard

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Fossil of lizard with tail wrapped around young shows 'motherly love' existed 309 million years ago. Scientists have discovered a new species of synapsid - animals that resembled modern day monitor lizards - fossilised in a tree stump in Canada with the remains of its young encircled by its tail. Orangutans communicate with a 'language' of 11 noises and various gestures. Researchers from the University of Exeter recorded more than 1,000 signals between 16 orangutans and deciphered their meaning. Out M.P.G. In Kilowatt-Hours. Classic Cars Get an Electric Jolt. A California company has developed a crate motor to relatively simply (but not so cheaply) convert gasoline cars to modern electric engines. Vaping Patients May Be Prone to Relapse, C.D.C. Warns. New findings indicate the outbreak of severe lung injuries may have peaked, but cases are still surfacing. The agency is urging doctors to monitor people closely after hospitalization. Judi Dench reveals her Cats characterOld Deutoronomy casodex online today what is bicalutamide used to treat transgender. While her Cats adaptation flopped in its opening weekend at the box office,

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