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Johnson urges healing for Brexit-bound Britain. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for unity on Friday (December 13) after he won a resounding victory that sets Britain on a fast-track course out of the European Union. Lucy Fielder reports. Federal Watchdog Questions Billions of Dollars Paid online dating stories gone bad ex girlfriend wants to meet for lunch Private Medicare Plans. A new report from the inspector generals office criticized insurers for overstating patients illnesses without adequate documentation to obtain more federal money. The Best TV Episodes of 2019. The Shrill pool party. The David Makes Man pilot. The quietest installment of the final Game of Thrones season. These are the episodes that stuck with us this year. Raulie Casteel, arrested in Michigan highway shootings, had far right-wing political views. Raulie Wayne Casteel, 43, was arrested at his home in suburban Detroit, Michigan. He said said President Obama should be arrested by the military and 'marched out of the White House in handcuffs.'. Facebook shares plummet nearly 4 per cent as company's OWN employees dump stock. The social networking giant ended the day down 3.79 percent after 99million shares changed hands. Company stock fell 83 cents to close at $21.11 Wednesday. The stock is down 44 percent from its IPO price of $38. 'Moral call to rest of the world' on climate from hardest hit countries, Obama says. Island nations and poor coastal countries facing the severest effects of climate change offer a "moral call to the rest of the world" to act now, former U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday. The T List A New Kyoto Hotel, Comfortable Party Shoes and More. What kai sings to his girlfriend ellen best jokes ever to tell your girlfriend visit, wear and covet this week, from the editors of T Magazine. Labour MP says Lloyd Russell-Moyle party will 'fight them in the streets' in anti-Tory rant. Lloyd Russell-Moyle, 33, gave an impassioned victory speech after Labour held Brighton Kemptown today despite the party suffering its worst General Election since 1935. Actor Colin Firth has split from wife Livia two years after affair. The 59-year-old actor confirmed the news in a statement today, and insisted he would maintain a 'close friendship' with Livia Firth. Apprentice star Lottie Lion, 20, claims infamous Gandhi text was 'taken out of context'. Lottie Lion, 20, from Devon, was the second youngest contestant in the series' 14-year history and she certainly lived up to the billing. Lottie immediately proved a Marmite character. Runners who wear Nike's fastest shoes may have a 4 to 5 per cent advantage over others in races. Runners who wear Nike's fastest shoes (file image) may have a 4 to 5 per cent advantage over others during races, according to a recent New York Times analysis. Delta predicts 2020 profit growth

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